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After nearly two years off the road it's finally time to get back on it.

Its been a long time since we were last out in the Jimny. The poor thing is locked up in my garage.

Our second visit to The Rally Of The Midlands. We began at Merevale for the afternoon stage at 1345.

In what has become a yearly pilgrimage, we once again attended the Rainworth Skoda Dukeries Rally.

Heather and I have been using the Peak District for years, and its only fair we give something back. Once again we, I, head out into the hills to do some repair work to one of the best lanes in the Peaks, Stanage Edge.

The new heater matrix, ordered off ebay, means I can finish off the job from last weekend. Its a copper & brass replacement, supplied with some foam padding. It is a direct replacement for the original.

RTFM, one of my smug phrases, and one which I should have taken heed of as the dashboard can come out as a single unit. Simply by removing 10 or twelve nuts and bolts.

We had planned on doing some night laning in the Peak District, but on our way up we ran into a problem. The issues with steam in the cabin, which I thought was cured while at Silverdale, continued and made it next to impossible to see out the car.

Silverdale in Haying wood, Staffordshire is where we have gone to spend the day. The trip down was marked by remnants of the trip on New Years Day in the Peak District. Water from the puddles had swamped the cabins air in-take which sits just below the windscreen. The effect this caused on the car was interesting to say the least.

Well its 2012, if you hadn't noticed, and what a better way then to usher in the new year with a drive around The Peak District. We planned to meet Andy in another Jimny, at 11am in Baslow car park.

October saw the demise of the front radius arms at Weston Coyney. Now the vehicle has been repaired, and upgraded. I've received a set of updated HD arms as replacements to the failed originals. I've also gone and bought a steering stabiliser at long last.

The final round of the 2011 World Rally Championship is taking place is the hills and valleys of Wales. The appropriately named WRC Wales Rally GB 2011 begins on Thursday the 11th of November from Conway Quay.
Weston Coyney (Hardiwick Quarry) lies to the east of Stoke. We've never been to the site before, silly realy as it is less than an hour from where we live. We're meeting Chris, a fellow Jimny driver from BigJimny.com, & Adam his son, at the gate when the site opens at 1030.

After the Jimny passed its MOT last month there was an advisory to change a Universal Joint at the axle end of the rear propshaft. Step one; remove the propshaft.

Martin, the man responsible for BigJimny.com, arranged for a Jimny-only weekend at Wagtail. The event, named BigJimny@Wagtail, began on the Saturday evening when we arrived to setup camp.

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